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“You” Season 3: Release Date, Plot And Other Details


The third season Netflix psychological crime thriller series “You” is being greatly anticipated by fans all over the world. Created by Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble this series made its Netflix debut with the first season in 2018 followed by the much-hyped second season the very next year.

“You” Season 3: Release Date


As we know that the Netflix series has already blown our minds with two extravagant seasons and the third one is highly awaited. Both the first and second seasons of “You” were released back to back in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

The makers and Netflix had already given a green light for the third season of the series on January 14, 2020, and as per the initial schedule, it was expected to release by December 2020.

But as we all know that the entire world faced a series of shutdowns due to the pandemic outbreak which also affected the production of “You” Season 3. After a long wait finally, the makers announced that the production would kick start by November 2020 and it definitely did.


Now we have a piece of good news for all the You fans out there. As per an official announcement by the makers, the filming of the third installment of the series has finally come to an end. Hence there are only some post-production procedures which is left and after that our favorite thriller series will be all set to hit the screens.

Taking a wild guess the third season of this series can be expected to stream by the end of 2021. 

“You” Season 3: Plot

What happens in which love turns into an extreme obsession? This is what the plot of You revolves around. A normal-looking man who leads a normal life but has several grey shades that get exposed with each episode.

The Netflix psychological thriller shows us the different shades of our beloved protagonist Joe Goldberg. He can be rightly called a psychopath because of his grey traits. His life is not as simple as it looks like and the sole reason for that is Joe starts obsessing over his love interests to such an extent that he starts stalking them and freak them out like anything.


It barely takes a few moments for him to get attracted to women and make them his extreme obsession. With time Joe himself gets fed up with his traits and works hard to mend his ways only to discover that there is so much in store for him in the new city which he has moved to start a new life.

He finds himself deeply in love with a beautiful young woman called Love Quinn. Joe was trying his best not to show his old traits this time only to found out that his old love interests were getting murdered. Initially, in the previous season, we all thought that it was Joe who has been killing these women.

But to our horror, it was Love Quinn who was doing all of that. And the main reason behind all these happenings was that Quinn was a bigger psychopath than Joe. Yes! Joe was finally with someone as obsessive as him.

So the upcoming season will take us to the different shades of Quinn and Joe’s relationship. It will be interesting to see if their similar traits will result in an everlasting relationship or will Quinn end up destroying everything.

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